by Bee Pedersen

About Bee Pedersen

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bee Pedersen, former CEO, architect and world traveler, now spends most of her time weaving her observations and life experiences into screen plays, short stories and novels.

Bee Pedersen’s first book (titled “A Dandelion is Also Beautiful” translated from Danish) was published in Denmark in 1983 and examines the life of a young boy dealing with the realities of a broken home and dysfunctional family. Her poetry has also been published in Denmark, along with many news and opinion pieces. Bee Pedersen’s current writing span many genres, including suspense, women’s issues and children’s stories. 

Bee Pedersen's first American published book The Forty-Fitters was published 2003, Women Write the War was published in 2004, and she now present us with the suspense novel Promises.

Bee Pedersen has always been interested in writing and languages (as a high school student, she studied Danish, English, German, Russian, Norwegian and Swedish). She says, “I have always written…ever since I could put two words together. I have a wild imagination and strong desire to express myself. Writing is the perfect outlet.” 

Bee Pedersen was awarded her master’s degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Art. Bee Pedersen received her Bachelor of Commerce in Internationalization from the Lyngby School of Economics and Business Administration.

As an architect, Bee Pedersen renovated historical buildings in Copenhagen, consulted with the Danish Architect Group and contributed to a humanitarian project in Tanzania. She then moved into management and IT consulting for a variety of Danish and Norwegian companies, including DR and NRK Television and the Danish Agricultural Business Association. Bee Pedersen spent 15 years heading up global consulting teams for both U.S and European software and consulting giants like Oracle and Ramboll before starting her own software company.

Bee Pedersen now lives in Austin, Texas, United States of America with her husband. She has three wonderful sons and three happy dogs.

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