by Bee Pedersen

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New novel uncovers dark secrets of powerful, dangerous family

"Promises" by Bee Pedersen follows a courageous woman's quest to learn the truth and uncover the link between her husband, fellow employees and a mysterious correspondent

AUSTIN, Texas (MMD Newswire) February 22, 2011 -- "Promises" by Bee Pedersen offers a story about an old, aristocratic family and what it may be willing to do to protect wealth, status and secrets.

When Diana was given the opportunity to work as an assistant to Mr. Royalton, one of the head partners at a prestigious law firm, she eagerly accepted and saw it as a good way for her to become acclimated to her new home. But as she learns more about the famous Royalton family and the rumors of murder, greed and incest that swirl around them, it becomes clear that there is more to them than meets the eye. Diana soon begins receiving mysterious letters from an unknown person signed with the name "Nemesis" - letters that may be warning her or simply identifying her as the next target. The unresolved questions surrounding the deaths of Royalton's parents and the strange disappearance of his sister are suddenly brought to light after the announcement of Diana's engagement.

Now Diana must decide how far she will go to uncover the truth. While trying to unravel the threads of her husband's family, Diana finds herself and her newborn son to be part of a dangerous game where terrifying promises from the past are brought to life.

"I was inspired by the history of the old, royal families and by what those people might dare do to protect their blood lines," Pedersen says. "It made me think about how secret, dark promises from the far past could suddenly control the future. There is no way out if you're born into it."

Intended for fans of psychological thrillers and suspense stories, the narrative takes place in contemporary times but aims to be reminiscent of older murder mysteries. The book was inspired by the author's devotion to classic mystery writers and her international background.

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About the Author

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bee Pedersen is a former CEO, architect and world traveler who now spends most of her time writing. She holds a degree in international business administration and a master's degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Art. A gifted linguist, Pedersen has held a lifelong fascination with writing and is the author of three previously published titles.